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Lose your baby fat in just 10 minutes a day.


Safe and simple workout routines showing you how to banish the baby tummy and regain your fitness.

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Work through your chosen fitness plan and get results fast!

Exercise at work or at home, or even when your baby sleeps. No equipment needed.

Follow the fitness videos in your members portal as they gain in intensity week on week.


How it works

Rachel talks you through the fitness plans on offer.


plans for mums

Two plans to keep you fit and healthy during and after your pregnancy 

Pre-natal Fitness

Membership Portal
5 min fitness videos
1 video per week
4 week archive

Difficulty Level(Easy)

Nice and easy to start with like crushing a grape.

Post-natal Fitness
£14.76 per month (Plan runs for 12 months, cancel at any time)

Or pay up front and
and save 6.8%

£165.00 one off payment


Membership Portal
10 min fitness videos
3 videos per week
4 week archive
Members free merch

Difficulty Level(Moderate)

As difficult as peeling an orange by hand.

FREE trial available,
no credit card required