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Fair Billing Policy

We only bill you for what your live users use, but what does that actually mean for your company?
Most companies in the HR software / wellbeing space bill per seat per month, with no regard to employees/users that don’t actually use the product or service.
At Keep Fit Eat Fit we think it’s only fair to bill you for what you actually use, and not for what you don’t.
That's why our fair billing policy for business and enterprise users means that if an employee uses our product more than twice a month, that counts as an active user.
Our API queries our system 5 times every night to make sure our billing is deadly accurate.
You can access your billing at any time via a big clear button marked 'Billing' within Dash HR at any time, not hidden in the depths of software hell!
Fair, simple, transparent billing…one live user at a time!
Just go to our pricing page for details of all our plans.