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Our Mission

We strive to inspire the global remote workforce to be healthier, happier humans.
We use the cloud to challenge, connect and empower employees to thrive
with our complete digital wellbeing programme for remote workers everywhere.

Meet the team

Angela Knox | Director and Cofounder

Having spent most of her long marketing career behind a desk, Angela
identified the issues that exist for both home and office workers with a desire to
provide a simple and accessible wellbeing solution that could be used by everyone. 
She has worked with her partner Mark to develop the concept over 4 years.

Team Member
Team Member

Mark Nicoll | Director and Cofounder

Mark worked with Angela to develop the concept for Keep Fit Eat Fit over 4 years
and used his extensive technical knowledge to formulate the visual approach to
the concept, as well as the data and analytics tools we have developed.  As a small,
compact team, the ability to wear many hats at once is vital!

Dr Valerie Gladwell | Sports Science Consultant

Valerie is a senior lecturer and wellbeing physiologist 
at the University of Essex, with a particular focus on workplace wellbeing.
She received the English Cricket Board Coach Award, part of the University's  
team that was awarded for the University of Essex Highly Commended  
for Workplace Health for the Business in the Community (East of England).

Team Member
Team Member

Dr Nick Cooper | Sleep Consultant

Nick is a senior lecturer in psychology at the Academic Director
of the Centre for Brain Science, as well as Secretary for the British
Association for Cognitive Neuroscience. His research interests
include the effects of stress and ageing on sleep, and he has held
postdoctoral positions at both Imperial College London and Monash
University, Melbourne.

Achilleas Pavlou | Sleep Consultant

A postgraduate researcher currently wrapping up his Ph.D. in
Cognitive Neuropsychology, Achilleas is a specialist in sleep
engineering, the enhancement of health and wellbeing through
sleep technology. He also conducts investigations into how to
use wearable sleep technology to more reliably induce lucid

Team Member
Team Member

Dr Dawn Liu Holford | Nutrition Consultant

Dawn is motivated by one simple question: how can we create
systems that encourage people to eat more healthily?
Prior to completing her Ph.D. research into how perceptions of
food vary from person to person, Dawn was significantly involved
in promoting holistic athlete development at the Singapore Sports
Institute, where began her passion for sharing knowledge of how
to introduce healthfulness into day-to-day life.

Gianluca Tognon | Associate Professor in Public Health

Gianluca Tognon (www.gianlucatognon.com) is an associate professor
in public health at the University of Skövde (Sweden) and the founder
of the consulting company “The Food Scientist”. He is an expert in public
health, nutrition, and food science. A trained biologist with a specialisation
in nutrition, he spent 15 years researching public health and nutritional
epidemiology to understand the problems connected to unhealthy diets. 
He helps companies in the food and health industry improve their products,
brand, and presence in the industry. He has presented at several
conferences and events in Europe and the USA. 

Team Member
Team Member

Sarah Grant | Nutritionist

Sarah Grant is a qualified nutritional therapist and health coach, whose belief it is that healthy eating habits are at the core of wellbeing - and wellbeing in turn fuels employee engagement, performance and productivity. 

With more than eight years' experience in this field, Sarah’s special interests lie with helping people who want support enhancing not only their physical health and energy, but their stress resilience, cognitive health and mood, by making mindful and lasting changes to their nutrition, eating habits, self-care and the emotional relationship they have with food.

Tania Karina Garcia-Vite | Sleep Consultant

Tania Karina Garcia-Vite is a PhD candidate at the University of
Essex. Her research focuses on cognitive neuroscience through
a psychophysiological multi-method approach. She is an avid
researcher of sleep, health and developmental disorders. She holds
a BsC and MSc in psychology with clinical residency in sleep
disorders awarded by the National Autonomous University of
Mexico. In her spare time she enjoys cooking traditional Mexican
dishes to her heart's delight!

Team Member
Team Member

Nicola Goss | Level 3 Personal Trainer

Nicola has a B.Sc. (Hons) in Business Information Technology and works
as a Senior Professional & Financial Lines Claims Adjuster whilst running
her own Personal Training business. Nicola's interest in health & fitness
originates from her background in Ice skating, having competed for Team GB
in Synchronized Ice Skating up to World level. Nicola continues her passion
for fitness working with female clients on a 1-2-1 & small group basis in her
local area, knowing only too well how important it is to incorporate exercise
into the daily life of a busy working mum.

Jodie Burdett | Mindfulness Consultant

Originally a corporate lawyer in the City, Jodie’s battle with an
aggressive form of breast cancer led to her discovering yoga
and mindfulness, whose immense benefits she now passionately
disseminates to a wider audience. With clients in every corner of
the corporate world, Jodie has seen firsthand the wonders that
mindfulness can bring to any workplace.

Team Member