Meet the Team


Find out all you need to know about the key people at Keep Fit Eat Fit


Angela Knox - Co-Founder

After many years working in business consultancy and marketing at a high level, Angela decided it was time to take one of her passions and make it  into a business that anyone anywhere in the world could benefit from.  Teaming up with her business partner and colleagues, the concept for Keep Fit Eat Fit was born and honed into an easy to use website that gives people an extensive range of skills that they can develop over time.  Overcoming some health challenges has also been an issue which has helped to focus her mind on healthy pursuits and nutrition, and her aim is to bring some of this knowledge and enthusiasm to a wider audience, with the help and collaboration of her associates below.

Mark Nicoll - Co-Founder

A force of nature, Mark has almost single-handedly built our film studio which we use for all our filming, mastered every technical issue regarding the studio build and equipment provision, and is our in-house video and photography expert. His sponge-like abilities to soak up information quickly have enabled him to teach himself everything needed to run the full production output of the project, including creative planning, filming, post-production, and editing. Having come from a business, financial and property background he previously spent some years pursuing interests in photography and some time working as a press photographer.  If you look carefully you will also see him popping up in front of the camera demonstrating his enviable cooking skills!



Rachel Whorton - Fitness expert responsible for Pre/Post-Natal

Rachel originally trained as a classical dancer and dedicated many years to maintaining an extreme level of fitness. Following back problems, she qualified as a personal trainer and now teaches clients at all levels of fitness, with a particular focus on pre- and post-natal clients. The changes people experience both during and after pregnancy mean there are a lot of do’s and don’ts and she can help mums to understand how to train safely and effectively through this stage of their life.

Nicola Goss - General Fitness Trainer

Fitness and conditioning has always been an integral part of Nicola’s life. She trained and competed for 15 years as a Senior Synchronised Ice Skater with the British Squad up to World level. She is currently a fitness and conditioning coach for 2 Synchronised Ice Skating teams in London, as well as training clients in groups and one to one.  She is a Level 3 certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition & Weight Loss Advisor & has qualifications in Youth Fitness, Functional Training, Kettlebells, Core Stability & Advanced Resistance Training.