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Rush, rush, busy, busy

With hectic lives at work and at home we all exercise less than we should.
Unfortunately this is not a good recipe for a long and healthy life

less exercise = poor long-term health

How it all works

Here's a quick overview from Nicola....


Today’s busy lifestyles need an agile fitness solution
that fits with the way we live and work.

Exercise the easy bite-sized chunks

 in the office

Keep fit at the office

 at home

Keep fit at home

 in the kitchen

 at the park

Keep fit at the park

5 minutes a day.

No expensive kit, no gym, just you and 5 minutes of your time.

How it works
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Stay on track with your fitness calendar and catchup if you missed your videos.

You start to feel the difference

At the end of the trial choose a plan that suits your lifestyle.

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This week's FREE training

This week Nicola demonstrates that favourite of all exercises - the mountain climber, great for the core and you can do it anywhere, enjoy!

Difficulty Level(Moderate)

As difficult as peeling an orange by hand.

Fitness inspiration & motivation (not that you need it:-)

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