Wellbeing for remote working


Pay-as-you-go wellbeing in
one easy-to-use platform


Physical, mental and financial wellbeing for remote employees

With upwards of 11 million UK employees (and their bosses) now realising the benefits of working from home, there has never been more need for a specialist backed by science wellbeing platform.

We help your people where they need it, seamlessly between home and office.

And with our P.A.Y.G. billing, you only pay for active users.

Empower your employees with our e-learning wellbeing platform

We help lift the burden on your HR team, by educating and empowering your employees at home to make the right healthy choices in a fun and familiar way.

Physical, mental and financial wellbeing, all in one place. 

Our e-learning approach to wellbeing frees up your valuable time, which is best used on your "human resource".

Making the business case for employee wellbeing

Research from Deloitte (and others) has proved beyond doubt that companies who have wellbeing programmes in place experience at least 5 times ROI, higher engagement, productivity and morale, as well as increased profitability and fewer health insurance claims.

If you don't have the necessary resources or time to investigate and deploy such programmes, what are your options?

Think of us as part of your company's success team

With a lightning fast purchase cycle, you and your employees can be up, running and in harmony the same day.  So no change management needed here.

You can even connect up to your EAP and mental health first aiders so employees get instant access to help.

Book a quick call with one of our friendly team today, and learn how Keep Fit Eat Fit can improve the health of not only your employees but also your business.

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