Employee Wellbeing

We are Keep Fit Eat Fit.


We'd like to transform your business from the inside out.

Create a workforce who love your company

Keep Fit Eat Fit is a comprehensive wellbeing platform perfect for any business.

Help your employees look out for their physical and mental health, diet, fitness, sleep and finances — at a time and pace that suits them.

Office? Home? Remote? It doesn’t matter where they work from or how old they are, with KFEF, you’ve got your employees’ backs — and they’ll have yours.

An unhappy workforce can destroy your business

Overworked. Disengaged. Unmotivated.

Is this how your employees describe their work when they’re in private? Because if they’re miserable, they carry that with them — even after they knock off at 5.30.

Workplace stress and a sedentary lifestyle exacerbate staff churn, devastate morale and can lead to the development of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) such as stroke, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular conditions and respiratory illnesses.

In 2018 alone, NCDs were responsible for 141 million lost working days in the UK, equivalent to 4 sick days per employee.

Revitalise your employees

Implementing our simple, actionable solutions across your company will create a workforce who are resilient, motivated and excited for the future.

Whether you’re a company of 1 or 100,000, our holistic approach to wellbeing will boost employee engagement, diminish sick days and turbocharge individual productivity.

Lay the foundations for an exceptional company

No more time wasted on trendy wellness fads. No more budget splashed on half-cooked office interventions.

Keep Fit Eat Fit’s holistic wellbeing programme effects real, long-lasting change across your entire company. No employee left behind.