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Keep Fit

Our flagship service designed for those looking for an easy solution to health and fitness, that fits in with today’s hectic lifestyles.

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for Mums

If you’re already a Mum or are expecting your first little one, you’ll know how difficult it is to find time to make exercise a part of your daily routine.

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What’s fruit got to do with it?


We all know how important fruit is in a properly balanced diet, but there’s more to fruit than just eating it.
Throughout this site we use fruit to describe how easy or how challenging
an exercise routine is.

If you’ve ever tried slicing a pineapple it’s no easy job, yet crushing a grape is a walk in the park.
Look for the fruit ratings throughout the site to help you choose the fitness plan that’s right for you.



Nice and easy to start with like crushing a grape.


As difficult as peeling an orange by hand and we’re not talking satsumas or easy peelers.

(Requires Effort)

Like slicing a melon.
A challenge but worth
the effort. Refreshing too!


As difficult as slicing a
pineapple, pretty tricky but
you’ll be a fitness
superhero if you can do it.

Eat Fit

Take a look at our quick and healthy recipe videos in our Eat Fit section.

We are constantly adding new options with a range of meat and fish, vegan and vegetarian dishes, as well as a selection of breakfast and summer smoothies.



How it works

All our plans are designed to deliver health and fitness guidance in bite-sized videos.

Find out how this concept works and read testimonials from subscribers
who have already started to improve their health and fitness.

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All our plans come with a free 7 day trial and there’s no obligation to continue.  We don’t even
ask for your credit card details when you signup. So what’s stopping you?

Try a free exercise routine at your desk here
Difficulty Level(Moderate)

As difficult as peeling an orange by hand.

All the details
  • The fine print
    All our plans run for a flexible term of up to 12 months. We do this because we want to improve your fitness over time and get you feeling and looking healthier.  At the end of your plan, we will email you with recommended options so you can choose another plan or simply end your plan if you wish. Monthly plans can be cancelled at any time. If you choose to pay in advance you get a great discount and the reassurance that your fitness is covered for 12 months.
  • What happens after I sign up
    As soon as you sign up we will email you a link to your very own personal fitness portal. Within that portal, you will have access to your weekly fitness videos. Every week we will email you when the next week's routines are added to your portal. And if you don't watch them or haven't had time to review them we'll send you a handy reminder, how convenient is that?
  • Content overload....not here
    No one wants content overload, so to keep it simple your portal only ever contains a month's worth of content which rolls throughout the year. You can revisit the previous week's routines, if you want to recap any of the exercise content. Simple, easy to follow and easy to use videos and all in bite-sized chunks. It doesn't matter which payment method you choose, monthly or annually you still get our unique bite-sized fitness delivery system.
  • Keeping you motivated
    As well as weekly reminders there's also an automatically updated progress dashboard where you can monitor your fitness as you go.
  • Changing your mind
    If you find that your routines are too short, too long or not hard enough you can change to a different plan whenever you like. Our top tip for those free-spirited thinkers among you is to pay monthly so you've got the flexibility to change your mind.  And if for any reason you decide to cancel your membership altogether, you can do so from your portal - as long as you have not paid an annual subscription which is non refundable.