Be an amazing employer


Give your employees the tools they need....


....then witness the transformation

Everything you need to build a resilient workforce

KFEF consists of 7 highly engaging apps within a membership portal.  With its own unique gamified dashboard, it's the ultimate wellbeing companion that stays with you 24/7.

No need to worry about user data either - it's all anonymised.  No spying on individual employee habits, and no wearables needed.  Just tech for good.

Your employees are not robots

Our wellbeing programme lubricates the cogs of a well-oiled remote workforce.

With employees working from home or remotely, we supply the digital tools to help maintain and enhance their physical and mental wellbeing, regardless of location.

So wherever you are, access to your user and HR portal is only a click or tap away.

Multi-channel content your employees will love

Every module features a similar easy to follow theme, and includes netflix-style video channels, audio books, and blogs that are compulsive reading.

Our content is endorsed and co-created by academic experts from the University of Essex - educational and fun!

And it's designed to be easily consumed on any device. 

Create real community through gamification

Build up points and awards as you go, share on social media and tag colleagues to spur them on and build community. 

Rinse and repeat - the perfect wellbeing companion that raises engagement levels, builds team spirit, and helps you through the day.