Wellbeing for all


Equip your employees with
everything they need to
thrive, from anywhere

The age of the distributed workforce - a new challenge

One of the biggest problems that employers are facing is keeping staff physically, mentally and financially fit, especially when they're struggling to switch between home and office working.

Providing them with Keep Fit Eat Fit's ultimate wellbeing companion means it's always there when they need it......and they'll love you for it.

Your employees are not data-producing robots

We've solved the problem of measuring the wellbeing and engagement of your employees without the need for costly wearables.

Very few of them are comfortable or willing to give up their private data, knowing that their bosses can see it.....would you?

We firmly put employees and their privacy first.

Content delivered in a familiar way that your employees (and you) will love

Bingeable, multi-channel content delivered on any device in a way that's familiar to everyone, like Netflix, Audible and Kindle.

Let our content be the talking point of the "virtual" water cooler / coffee break, perfect if you're looking to boost your employer brand.

Create real community through gamification

Employees can build up points and awards as they go, share on the social media wall, tag colleagues to spur them on and help build a community of in-company wellbeing influencers. 

Rinse and repeat - the perfect wellbeing companion that raises engagement levels, builds team spirit, and helps your team through the day.