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Your step-by-step guide to enhancing your workplace wellbeing

By Angela Knox | Mar 30, 2021


Workplace wellbeing isn’t something that magically springs up overnight.

While your employees might not see everything that goes on behind the scenes, managers need to put work and effort into supporting their employees and enhancing workplace wellbeing before they see any results.

But where do you start? As with everything, you have to start at the bottom and build your way up.

Here’s our step-by-step guide to enhancing wellbeing in your workplace to get you started:

Find out what’s important to your employees

The first step to achieving a successful workplace wellbeing process or policy is understanding what’s important to your employees.

Depending on your industry, organisation, and the people the work for you, there may be different pain points or issues that need to be addressed.

By understanding what is important in your workplace, you’re in a far better place to implement changes that really matter.

Whether it’s supporting the mental health of employees, encouraging healthier lifestyles or balancing life and work, you need to know what needs to be fixed before you can work towards fixing it.

Invest in a high-quality wellbeing programme

Once you know what improvements can be made, you can then invest in the best programme for the job.

For example, Keep Fit Eat Fit is a versatile tool that covers a wide range of different areas of employee wellbeing, which makes its modular approach and individual dashboard sections the ideal choice for workplaces looking for a wellbeing package that covers many key areas in one.

By investing in something created by experts, you’re setting yourself up for success from the start.

Make use of content to improve your employees’ understanding

With KFEF, you gain access to a wealth of incredible content to support employees.

But that’s not all.

With a wide range of tools and content to support management and HR in promoting wellbeing and improve employee working lives, educating yourself isn’t a long-winded process.

By understanding what’s important in wellbeing, and how you can help, you’re far better placed to support your employees when they need you most.

Utilise resources and encourage employee involvement

Once your programme is implemented, encouraging, and promoting employees to get involved is the next step.

Not everyone will be into the idea of wellbeing from the start.

By providing an environment that allows for communication and transparency, you can benefit your employees without pushing them into processes or policies that don’t benefit them specifically.

This is where a modular programme comes in handy, allowing for self-development on their terms.

We have heard from many clients that coaxing employees to use the tools that are made available, and getting them to keep using them can be a challenge. 

It can be a case of suffering from the novelty factor when something is new, but maintaining continuity and engagement is all about having the right tools in place that suit your employees.

Provide consistency with company policies and practices

Once your employee workplace wellbeing policies and processes are live, the work isn’t over.

Maintaining wellbeing is just as important as making that big first gesture.

By evaluating, understanding employee needs and updating policies and practices, you can ensure your employees are supported in the long-term with wellbeing habits that help your business to be a better place to work in the long-term.

Lay the foundations and continue to provide support, and your employees will soon see the benefit.

Conduct regular reviews

Once your wellbeing programme is in place, it’s a good idea to keep asking your employees for their opinions and suggestions, to make sure it’s still working for them and relevant to their needs. 

Staff surveys can be burdensome though so don’t overload people with unnecessary questions - a little and often is probably best. 

You can also incentivise responses by giving prizes for the best ideas, anything to increase engagement and obtain feedback.

You can also share results of your programme with your employees - for instance if you find out that a certain number of employees are reporting an increase in general fitness or a happier mindset which leads to less stress at work, that’s a great success story to share with your hard-working team.

You can also ask your team for ideas they may like to try and suggestions for improvements, and add any features as needed and practicable. 

It all helps to increase participation, communication, and positivity in your workplace - especially when working from home can create separation from colleagues. 

The last thing they need is isolation, and by participating in a programme that can build connectivity within your workforce, you and your employees will reap the rewards and experience enduring benefits. 

Angela Knox

Angela Knox

I am a co-founder and director of Keep Fit Eat Fit Wellbeing Ltd and have come from a business and marketing background over many years, with a particular interest in everything to do with health, fitness and overall wellbeing. Having worked in offices for decades, I know the pitfalls of too much sitting at a desk, the challenges of fitting the gym around other commitments, and all the issues addressed within our website. The personal experiences of me and my partner Mark were the original inspiration for the concept of this website. Enjoy!