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Resilience rebooted

By Mark Nicoll | May 20, 2021


I’ve written about employee resilience before here, but is there another way?

The thing is, every company wants their workforce to have hyper low sickness levels, a great team morale, where productivity is high, there is equilibrium, the perfect balance, correct?

Well, your company survival depends on it.

But how do you achieve this workplace Shangri-La (wherever that may be)?

The only way your company will achieve this is by hiring employees that care about themselves and their health and wellbeing. 

Simply hiring people on their ability to just do the job efficiently is, I think, a thing of the past.

We hear a lot from companies about their wellbeing programmes, and reasons for setting them up and also reviewing their effectiveness.

A very common observation we hear from HR, D & I and Wellbeing managers in the UK is “Yeah we tried “X” wellbeing programme or “Y” programme, but only 40% of the people used it”,  or "some people used it when we first introduced it but after a couple of months they gave up".

Seemingly that 40% is the percentage of people who care about themselves.

It’s often not the fault of the wellbeing platform providers, it's people.

So how do you disrupt the cycle?

Well it has to start at the recruiting stage. 

Because behavioural change is like a super tanker: it takes a long time for that big old ship to turn around and make a positive impact, but it only needs a few bad habits of the crew to sink the whole ship.

So the questions you ask your new recruits pre and during the job interview are hyper important, mission critical in fact.

In early 2019 we went to an NHS procurement event in Newmarket, where Matt Hancock was giving a speech and the guy sat behind me (selling plumbing services into the NHS) tapped me on the shoulder and asked me what we do. I told him we were about to build our employee wellbeing platform for remote workers, he responded in saying that “it was only a matter of time before an employee sues an employer for getting something like heart disease or diabetes because they have been forced to sit behind a desk all day, year in, year out”.

It would seem that plumbers are pretty enlightened (or unblocked ;-) ) to what could be a future threat to all businesses, especially as we become more litigious as a nation like America perhaps.

So, make mindful choices and hire your way to success, and make sure you don’t pay for the 60% that will not, even with a gun to their heads, look after themselves. It’s just not your fault.

Mark Nicoll

Mark Nicoll

I am a co-founder of Keep Fit Eat Fit and have a passion for visual communications as well as health, fitness and overall wellbeing. Having worked for lots of companies as well as myself, I know how important maintaining personal wellbeing is, and have a few pet subjects I will be writing about within our website.