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How to implement an employee mindfulness programme in your workplace

By Angela Knox | Mar 18, 2021


Implementing any change in the workplace can be a challenge for businesses of all shapes and sizes, whether those changes are positive or negative.

So when it comes to deploying an effective, long-term employee mindfulness programme, you want to ensure a smooth transition.

Beyond that, you also want to make sure that the policies and programmes that you implement stick – and getting off to a great start is the best way to provide that long-term effectiveness.

Here’s how to effectively implement an employee mindfulness programme into your workplace:

Start with open and honest communication

One of the big mistakes that organisations often make is forcing change on their employees without warning or notice.

While not every decision can be diplomatically made through your staff or team, being open and honest about what is happening, and why, can be a key measure for success.

If you let your staff know in advance what you will be implementing, and how you will be implementing it, they will be prepared for any change or transition that new programme requires.

Communication also can’t be overstated when it comes to feedback.

Staff being able to tell you when something isn’t working, or when something better could support them, is a big part of ensuring their needs are met.

If you’re able to openly talk and listen when needed, implementing your employee mindfulness programme is far more likely to result in success.

An element of education will probably be needed with regard to what mindfulness is and how it works, especially in a business context. 

It is still a relatively recent concept for many, and so talking about the overall process, explaining what’s involved and how it’s of benefit will be the first thing that’s needed.

Pick a platform that suits all employees

Picking the easiest or most generic platform may seem like a good all-rounder for your business.

Still, in most cases, you’d be better off implementing an employee mindfulness programme that specifically suits the needs of all employees.

Our Mind Fit module, for example, is a self-help resource designed to be used both for in-office and remote employees, providing all of your staff with the same level of support and involvement needed to feel like they are equally valued.

While you cannot cater to every single need, picking a mindfulness programme that supports employees of different types, personalities, and capabilities is a must for accessibility.

The more usable your programme is, the more your staff will get out of it. So it makes sense that you’d want to implement an employee mindfulness platform that suits your needs in particular.

Provide time to get to grips with your programme

Some employees may take to a new mindfulness programme like a duck to water, but others will need more time to get involved.

If you’re able to provide that additional time, you can help to ensure your programme has longevity and suits the needs of all your employees.

Learning anything new can seem like a slow process, and for organisations that haven’t put a focus on mindfulness at work and health before, providing breathing room up-front will help smooth the transition.

Once the teething phase is over, it also makes sense to provide time for employees to get full use out of the programme.

After all, if their working days are packed from start to finish, they won’t be able to make use of a programme as well if they can’t carve out a little space each week.

It doesn’t have to be a significant time investment, but even making it easier to take ten minutes away from workloads each day can make all the difference.

By planning ahead and picking the best platform for the job, implementing an employee mindfulness programme can be a relatively simple process.

Put in the work upfront, and the results will speak for themselves.

Angela Knox

Angela Knox

I am a co-founder and director of Keep Fit Eat Fit Wellbeing Ltd and have come from a business and marketing background over many years, with a particular interest in everything to do with health, fitness and overall wellbeing. Having worked in offices for decades, I know the pitfalls of too much sitting at a desk, the challenges of fitting the gym around other commitments, and all the issues addressed within our website. The personal experiences of me and my partner Mark were the original inspiration for the concept of this website. Enjoy!