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Employee stress management strategies your team will enjoy

By Mark Nicoll | Mar 2, 2021


While we can enjoy work, sometimes work and stress go hand in hand.

As an employer or team leader, you should expect that employees will encounter stress, and take steps to reduce and manage it.

Stress undoubtedly causes a number of negative outcomes and health problems, and can develop almost insidiously if left unchecked.

Overwork is one of the main causes, so employers need to monitor their employees’ workloads and their overall wellbeing to keep stress in check. 

The benefits of practical stress management tools

Today there are many employee stress management strategies that can really make a difference to your workforce.

Among the benefits of a successful employee stress management plan are:

- increased mental wellbeing and a happy workforce; 

- heightened productivity and fewer workers suffering from 'burnout'; 

- healthier employees who take less sick days; and 

- more ability to be creative and come up with ideas.

It is possible to not only implement these strategies and realise the benefits within a small time frame, but also make them fun for employees.

Here are some tips for employee stress management strategies that your team will enjoy:

Some switch-off time

It is unlikely that you can eliminate stress entirely for your team, but giving them the opportunity for some stress relief, as and when those moments come, can be welcome.

Whether it is a small space for a massage, nap or some chill-out time, or an outdoor area where they can get some fresh air in pleasant surroundings (subject to the weather) - providing this place, and encouraging employees to use it, can be an effective stress combatant. 

While everyone is working from home, you can’t control their working environments, but encouraging employees to go in the outdoors and take regular breaks from working is essential for both sanity and health.

Maintaining mental health is also a constant challenge, and your employees can find mindfulness, meditation and chill-out inspiration in our Mind Fit module - perfect for when some peace and quiet is needed to calm an over-stretched and overactive brain.

Workplace wellness

It is all very well advising employees to stay healthy and fit, but what does your organisation do to actively encourage it?

There are so many ways in which you can give a helping hand - organising fitness challenges among the team (using our Keep Fit module), and offering healthier snacks and meal choices in the workplace (using our Eat Fit module). 

Encouraging employees to cook a lunchtime meal with fresh ingredients will certainly increase their general wellbeing as well as their afternoon productivity.

Tackle tiredness

Stress and anxiety are well-known symptoms of sleep deprivation.

Of course, you can't be there at night to watch over your team members, but you can provide them with all the information they need on the importance of getting enough sleep, as well as advice on how to get 'sleep fit’ (it’s all in our Sleep Fit module).

Recommend that they avoid looking at electronic devices just before bed, say no to late-night snacking, and cut down on the caffeinated drinks.

Find some flexibility

In recent times, many employers have found ways of offering remote working arrangements out of necessity - but there are also stress-busting reasons to allow your team to work from home at appropriate times.

Consider allocating a flexible day or week, once a month, when employees are allowed to work from the location of their choice. This can guard against the monotony of the office - although post pandemic many people will be working from home permanently in any case, at least for some of the time.

Encourage socialising

Work can be a grind, but when we enjoy the company of our workmates, watch how much more fun it can become!

You can foster a friendly atmosphere by organising or encouraging meet-ups after work (mostly remotely via zoom at the moment). Often friendships will strike up at work naturally, but by doing your bit to suggest meeting for drinks or other activities, you can set the wheels in motion.

You can also encourage participation in groups where employees share mutual interests - conduct a poll to ask them about topics and then set up some meeting times when people can get together.  Great for establishing a sense of community amongst colleagues.

We hope you found these workplace stress management tips useful. Remember, stress is a direct threat to both wellbeing and productivity!

Mark Nicoll

Mark Nicoll

I am a co-founder of Keep Fit Eat Fit and have a passion for visual communications as well as health, fitness and overall wellbeing. Having worked for lots of companies as well as myself, I know how important maintaining personal wellbeing is, and have a few pet subjects I will be writing about within our website.