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5 wellbeing initiatives you can implement during enforced periods of wfh

By Mark Nicoll | Dec 9, 2021

Any form of unenforced/enforced lockdown is going to be a traumatic experience for some of your employees, even just being told to work from home is not exactly a delight for some, especially if the last 2 years is anything to go by.

And it's not just the employees that will be affected, but their families and friends too.

In a previous article, I muted that repeated lockdowns have an effect much akin to PTSD, and I posed this sentiment to a friend and collaborator of KFEF Dr Nick Cooper of Essex University (you can read that blog here) and he concurred.

What can you do as an employer to help?

The first thing to do is to quickly gather feedback on what employees will need to get through these periods and come out the other side still "well rounded" human beings.

Some wellbeing initiatives you could consider implementing are:

 - Make working hours a bit more flexible during this time - this can help to reduce the stress of having to juggle working from home life and home life (sounds mad, but you get it).

 - One thing you have to promote is getting employees up from their desks to move. Sitting time increases the risk of getting a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) and if that happens during working time, think about your liability. Our recently concluded research project with Dr Dawn Holford has proven that if you plan in exercise throughout the day, more people will adhere to it, and even make it a fun habit they look forward to. If you want a copy of the whitepaper highlights click here.

 - Encourage mini-breaks and relaxation periods - even if it's just for five minutes every hour, these short breaks will do wonders for your employees' productivity and wellbeing. Our Mind Fit section within our employee portal has a video and mp3 Mindfulness course and that is a good place to go for relaxation, and to learn a new skill.

 - Encourage healthy eating! Not only will this help with people's wellbeing, but it'll also stop them raiding sweet jars when at home (hint, they have access to a whole kitchen at home!)

 - Hold fun activities over zoom or teams - how about a group cook-off for lunch, or if people are a bit shy, create a competition where employees send in their lunch photos then pick a weekly or daily winner.

There are many ways to help your employees, but we feel these 5 initiatives are a great bedrock to start from. 

Ask your employees what they think, they may have some workable ideas you could roll out across the company - great for engagement, communication and wellbeing all at the same time.

Mark Nicoll

Mark Nicoll

I am a co-founder of Keep Fit Eat Fit and have a passion for visual communications as well as health, fitness and overall wellbeing. Having worked for lots of companies as well as myself, I know how important maintaining personal wellbeing is, and have a few pet subjects I will be writing about within our website.